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Evolving in music since 1993, taking the name in 2001...

Owners: Jacob Stickle


Year Business Started: 2001

Authorized Dealer for: EMG, Jim Dunlop, Seymour Duncan, MXR, Way Huge, VHT, The Loar, Recording King & more.


Areas of expertise:  Guitar Electronics, Speaker Cabinets, Sound Reinforcement & Recording.

Formerly: StupidsInElPaso Recordings, Shotgun Recordings, Sole Sound, Broken Bonez Records, This Noise Records

-Heart of the Desert Winery/Eagle Ranch in Alamagordo, NM, Nov. 2014:  Compact outdoor patio event system with Mackie wireless mixing and Line 6 wireless instrument/microphone systems.

-St. Joseph's Apache Mission in Mescalero, NM, ​March 2014: Total church system install with 4000w of Electro-Voice active speakers with Presonus wireless mixing, time correction delay, choir monitoring and Line 6 wireless microphone systems. Install required almost 1000' of custom made power and audio cabling and included drilling and running through 3' thick stone walls. (VIDEO)

-Mountain Annie's Center for the Arts (closed) in Ruidoso, NM. Feb. 2013: 500+ Attendance capacity concert/event system. 7000w of Mackie and JBL active speakers with 4 FOH mixing zones, 7 monitor mixes and time correction delay with Presonus wireless mixing & 24 channel recording.

-The World-Famous Flying J Ranch in Alto, NM, March 2013: 300+ Attendance capacity concert/event system. 4000w of JBL speakers and Crown power with time correction delay and 4 monitor mixes dialed in specifically for vocal & acoustic instrument performances utilizing Shure condenser microphones & Radial DI boxes.

Recent Installs

StickleAcoustics truly dates back to middle school band class (where I learned a distaste for the type of musical tradition taught in my school classroom) and my first adventures in going to underground shows in the early 90's. I volunteered as security, merch, stage hand & street-team for underground shows around the El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM punk/grunge/ska/metal scene. I was 13, just looking to get involved and to get into shows free. Shortly after, as a young self-taught musician playing in garage bands, I never had the money to pay other people to do work I could do (or learn to do) myself. I learned to maintain and repair guitars, cables & drums because my band-mates and I needed it done. I learned to record music and do graphic design because my bands wanted to put out albums. I learned to run sound because we wanted to play shows and sometimes the sound-guy didn't show up or there was none at all. I learned video production in a tech class in highschool and moved into TV production for the next couple years, but I was back at music shortly there-after and things have just kept moving since. The name StickelAcoustics actually stems from a short-lived line of plexiglass acoustic shields and speaker cabinets I was building in 2001-2002 and was quickly adopted for my recording endeavors, eBay sales screen name, guitar/speaker repair service and more. After 15 years of helping make music and video happen for so many people around the country (and a few around the world) StickleAcoustics has come to mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people and I hope to continue that unique style and tradition with my new location in Coos Bay, OR.

-Jacob Stickle

​Feb. 29, 2016

Technical Experience

-On-call event/concert video tech/director/camera operator for GLE Video at Inn of the Mountain Gods Casino, Mescalero, NM 2012-2015.

-Audio Engineer/Tech and boom-mic operator for Voorhees Films on "Billy Shakespeare" & "Catching Up", Ruidoso, NM 2013-2015

-"The Last Escape of Billy the Kid" pageant in Lincoln, NM: Board member, graphic design & audio director 2013-2015.

-On-call Sound Tech for Gateway Church of Christ, Ruidoso, NM 2013-2015

​-PA system install and on-call event/tour sound/lighting tech for The Flying J Wranglers, Alto, NM 2013-2015.

-On-call Sound Tech for Church out of Church, Alto, NM 2013-2015

-Owner/Designer event promotion website for Ruidoso, NM 2014-2015

-PA install and on-call event Sound Tech for St. Joseph's Apache Mission Church, Mescalero, NM 2014-2015

-On-call event/concert sound/lighting tech for Mountain Annie's Event Center (2nd management), Ruidoso, NM 2014-2015.

-Contract PA rental/event ound/lighting tech for Lincon County National Day of Prayer Youth Rally, Bonito, NM 2013-2014

-On-call Sound/Lighting Tech for Cree Meadows Country Club, Ruidoso, NM 2014

-Contract PA rental/event sound tech for "R&R in Ruidoso" military appreciation event, Ruidoso, NM 2014

-Contract PA rental/event sound tech for Ruidoso Oktoberfest, Ruidoso, NM 2013-2014

-On-call event/concert sound/lighting tech and "Open Mic Night" host for Grace O'Malley's Pub, Ruidoso, NM 2013-2014

-On-call Sound Tech for Win, Place or Show (WPS) bar, Ruidoso, NM 2011-2014

-On-call Sound Tech for The Quarter's bar, Ruidoso, NM 2011-2014

-Field recording audio engineer and performance sound/lighting tech for Music Mentors Program, Mescalero, NM (2013-2015) 

-PA system/lighting install and on-call event sound/lighting tech for The Old Dowlin Mill, Ruidoso, NM 2013-2015

​-PA/lighting system install & Head House Tech for Mountain Annie's Center for the Arts, Ruidoso, NM 2012-2013.

​-On-call Stage Hand for South Coast Audio at Inn of the Mountain Gods Casino, Mescalero, NM 2011-2013

-On-call Stage Hand, Spencer Theatre for the Performing Arts, Alto, NM 2010-2013

​-Owner/Engineer/Tech/Graphic Design for This Noise Records & Studio, El Paso, TX 2006-2010.

-On-call Sound Tech for Lucky Devil's Bar, El Paso, TX 2006-2008

-On-call Sound Tech for K Bar, El Paso, TX 2007-2009

-PA install & on-call sound tech for Kush Bar, El Paso, TX 2005-2006
-PA install & on-call sound/lighting tech for The House of Rock n Roll (HORR Bar), El Paso, TX 2004-2005

​-On-call Sound Tech for Beth El Bible Church, El Paso, TX 2003-2005

-On-call Sound Tech for Serge's Bar, El Paso, TX 2003-2004

-PA System install & Head House Tech for Cafe Sole all-ages venue, Spokane, WA 2002-2003

-Owner/Sales/Tech StickleAcoustics 2001-current in Spokane, WA (2001-'03) , El Paso, TX (2003-'10), Ruidoso, NM (2010-'15) & Coos Bay, OR

-Master Control Tech KSCE TV 38, El Paso, TX 1999-2000

-Teleprompter/Camera Operator KVIA TV 7, El Paso, TX 1998

-DJ and on-call Sound Tech at CrossRoads Coffehouse, El Paso, TX 1996-1998